Vibrant Nightlife in Stone Town

Nightlife in Stone Town

Stone Town (Zanzibar) has a lot of enormous places to hang out for a drink or fun at night. From the casual beach parties to discos, Zanzibar has a variety of nightlife entertainment and fun for everyone. Sipping on a cocktail, beer or a mocktail, as the sun slips into the Indian ocean is one of the most popular activities in Zanzibar, any day of the week. Not a fan of loud music, dance, and parties? Don’t worry, you can easily spend your night relaxing and watching the sunset over the ocean quietly.

The island and especially Stone Town has a quite good range of restaurants, bars, and clubs. The nightlife in Stone Town can be a bit expensive. The bars and clubs play a variety of genres of music. if you feel like you need to move your feet and go with the rhythm here are some options you can have a look at. Don’t forget to check out other places on the Island to have a great party night.

What to do at night when in Stone Town

Relax at 6 Degrees South

Don’t step out of Stone Town before paying a visit at 6 Degrees South. However, you need to come early to enjoy the weeknights. The bar usually has a happy hour which begins at 5 PM to 7 PM with themed disco and live Afro Jazz from the local bands. Enjoy sundowners and sea views from this rooftop bar above 6 Degrees South restaurants on the southwest-facing side of Stone Town.
More information: 6 Degrees South

La Taperia

After a busy day around Stone Town, you can grab a table outside at Taperia for a bucket of beers or a well-mixed cocktail before calling it a day. Moreover, Taperia has a great menu in case you have an empty stomach. You can come here to eat, drink or both. Taperia has well-prepared tapas, pizzas, and Spanish-favoured snacks, plus beers, a range of wines and cocktails. The pub also features a piece of magical live music on the weekends. This is how you wonderfully end your day in Stone Town.
More information: La Taperia

Africa House

You haven’t really been to Zanzibar without visiting the terrace bar at the Africa House Hotel, where people used to meet up for drinks since colonial days. Africa House is a very popular hotel in Zanzibar. During your stay in Stone Town, you can stop by the first-floor terrace and have a look at the magnificent view of the sun setting on the Indian Ocean. Open late into the night, the Africa House is a great place to chat with fellow tourists and local residents of the island. You can order snacks and meals roughly around 2 – 5 USD to enjoy on the terrace.
More information: Africa House Hotel

Garage Club

Stone Town offers a great range of nighttime fun including a great spot where you can enjoy a night out accompanied by great music, dance, and drink. Garage Club is a soundproof and well-conditioned disco in Stone Town. It offers a wide range of music genres such as hip hop, reggae, Afropop and European music. Garage Club is one of the popular and quality clubs in Stone Town. If you’re in Stone Town and looking forward to a wild night to let loose or a cool place to chill with friends and family, the Garage Club is an amazing place to enjoy a night out in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Tatu Pub

Tatu means three in Swahili and this place has three floors: a well-stocked bar on the 1st floor, a pub-style restaurant on the 2nd floor where you could get a meal for around 5 – 10 USD and a rooftop cocktail lounge on the 3rd floor where you can soak up the ocean views. The extraordinary rooftop sunset lounge bar is characterized by the widest selection of single malt whiskeys in East Africa.


Along the Mizingani road lies Mercury bar, good for sundowners and serves drinks and food all day and long into the evening. This place is well known for its happy hour out of high season running generously from 17.00 to 20.00 with its marvelous range of cocktails. Shisha pipes are also available and quite popular. If you’re here for the scenery more than for the beer, in the May-Sep period the angle of the sun means the sunsets are easier to appreciate at Mercury’s. (which is better than Oct-Apr).
More information: Mercury bar

Bwawani Disco

There is a disco, most nights at the dire Bwawani Hotel, in a dark and equally seedy room under the swimming pool. Weekends are the most popular, entry is 1,25 USD and evenings don’t usually warm up until about midnight.

For more party and vibrant nightlife locations, check our Zanzibar nightlife calendar. 

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