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How to explore an island best? By preparing your trip by reading the best guides and watching vlogs of other travelers. Enjoy!

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Agree, most can be found online. However, having a real book by hand to browse while taking the ferry, or having a coffee at the airport beats a phone, doesn’t it? Below you can find the best guides covering Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Explore Zanzibar from the comfort of your home. Adventure vlogger Brad Newton on his journey to Zanzibar Island, near the coast of Tanzania. His two weeks stay on this magical island will take you through his very pure and beautiful experiences. 

His adventure leads him to Stone Town, Nungwi, Kiwenga and some other amazing Zanzibar must-visits. If you are thinking about going to Zanzibar or if you are craving for a trip down memory lane: this is your serie.

1. Night Food Markets (Forodhani Gardens)

The night food markets at Forodhani gardens are a popular tourist attraction where food stalls serve up to authentic local cuisine eaten by the locals on the island of Zanzibar. Join Brad as he samples the Zanzibar Mix, Zanzibar pizza and gives a raw insight into what to expect at these evening markets.

2. African Slave Trade Tour

In this video, Brad will take you on a guided tour as he learns about the dark past of the slave chambers used during the Slave Trade in Zanzibar.

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