About Nungwi

Nungwi is a large village located in the northern end of Zanzibar island. Traditionally, it was a fishing and dhow boat-building center. In 2014 Nungwi was recognized in CNN’s list of “100 best beaches of the world”. West Nungwi has transformed since the early 1990s into a popular tourist destination with numerous resorts and restaurants. Recently, the increase in tourism has been encouraged by the beaches along Nungwi’s coast. These beaches are lined with palm, mangrove and casuarina trees. People enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on the ocean. The main beach in Nungwi called Jambo Square has a small aquarium with sea turtles. 

 Nungwi is reachable by daladala, bus or a hired vehicle from Zanzibar. The road goes through several villages and costs about USD2 to get to the village. On reaching Nungwi, you will enjoy some refreshments and might want to enjoy the famous quad adventure. 

The Quad Adventure 

You should never get worried if you have never taken a ride on a quad. Most guests that take the tour are first-timers. There are skillful guides who will provide special care and attention to those new to the experience. The quads are automatic and easy to operate. Before starting the tour, the guides will give basic training on how to handle the ATV and safety instructions.

You drive your off-road quad on the island of Zanzibar while you discover the rich wild nature and amazing landscapes. You will experience the true culture of Zanzibar. The tour will be guided by experienced and multilingual local tour guides. Most quads are brand new, though there are some older quads. They will comfortably seat two people. Bigger people can prefer to ride a quad each to be more comfortable. Kids from 8 years can also ride as passengers. 

A group of quads goes to the jungle and villages for 4 hours. The charges are USD120 per quad. You need a driving license to drive the quad. All the formalities and payments can be done on the day of the adventure. After everyone arrives at the starting point, there is a quick tutorial on how to drive a quad. Driving is very easy because they have an automatic gearbox. At first, you drive on a normal road. You may decide to buy something for the kids you will meet later in the villages. After some time, you move to the countryside and off-road begins! It might rain so you need to be fully prepared. Every squad has raincoats for 2 people. 

The next step is the ‘fishermen’s village’ which consists of driving through a sandy path between the trees and coral houses and the local market. The final stop will be at Waikiki Resort where refreshments and cocktails are available the resort sits in front of the most beautiful sandbank of Zanzibar Island. 

The Quad Route

The activity starts in a place called Mafarasi. From here you run to the countryside riding through beautiful rice fields, sugarcane plantations and large fruit farms including mangoes, oranges, bananas, and palms. You will also see farms with varieties of spices like cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, cloves, among many others. 

After crossing the amazing plantations you will find a typical countryside neighborhood. In the village, you will meet the residents who are very hospitable and happy to welcome visitors. They will welcome you into their huts where you will enjoy their company, fruits, and delicious organic juices. It is best to look at the inland nature and get in touch and enjoy the way of living of the people in the village. Enjoy nature and feel the great adventure with Half Day riding. 

Nungwi is an amazing place to visit and to get the best out of the place, ensure you make inquiries before you start your journey. Please wear respectful clothing for the locals who are majorly from the Muslim religion. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses, a camera and a video recorder with you. There are lots of kids you will come across in the villages and bringing along some gifts will be a great idea. B

Booking your adventure

For booking, you can visit the many available tour companies’ websites who operate the quad adventure. Some provide the option of online booking. While for some you can just pay for everything as you start the adventure.


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