The Safari Blue: #1 Sea Tour in Zanzibar’s Waters

Safari Blue Zanzibar

We did the full day Safari Blue Tour on Christmas Day. This is by far the best island tour, snorkeling, sandbank, seafood lunch and shopping on the island. There is plenty of lunch. You will not be disappointed. The water is absolutely beautiful and so crystal clear. This was the best place for snorkeling. We stayed in Nungwi and it’s a two-hour drive one way, but so worth it. I highly recommend you to take water shoes. When the tide is low you have to walk out to the boat to start the tour. That part of the ocean is more coral and you will notice those sharp pointy sea urchins!” – Lstyles4u

It is only to be done in Zanzibar! Have you ever heard of The Safari Blue tour? Do you enjoy snorkeling on the coral reef, having fun in the crystalline waters and discover a colorful school of fish? Well, the Safari Blue Tour is the Zanzibar number one full day trip. It is a sea adventure safari which starts from the southwest coast of the island – Fumba fishing village. Zanzibar’s Safari Blue is the most popular excursion on the island and has been sailing out since 1996.

Sea excursion adventure

This sea excursion adventure involves a local boat sailing safari tour of which starts in the morning from any hotels/resorts in Zanzibar and one should have a road drive to the village of Fumba southern of Zanzibar to enjoy Safari Blue Zanzibar.

The Safari Blue Zanzibar


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There are a lot of attractions. Major attractions are swimming, snorkeling, seafood and sailing within the traditional dhow. The history of traditional dhow boats dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries, the ages of the monsoon winds and the Arab movements!

Safari Blue Zanzibar from Fumba

Fumba is the best location to start exploring isolated sandbanks, stunning wildlife of Zanzibar and rugged island scenery of the conservation area Menai Bay. Tourists stop on the sandbank for guided snorkeling and have a well-deserved relaxing time in the shade.

Be aware of non-registrated companies offering a ‘fake’ Safari Blue. To be sure to book the right one, feel free to contact us for more information.

Swimming with the dolphins

There is a high chance that you can see and swim with the dolphins on 90% of water excursion (Indo-Pacific Humpback and the Bottle-nose dolphins)! Traditional dhows, handcrafted from African mahogany will bring you to the islands of Kwale and other beautiful islands and sandbanks in the Menai Bay conservation area, across stunning turquoise waters!

The boat stops by at a sandbank where you can explore the surrounding reef by snorkeling. There are inflatable safety jackets for the less confident swimmers and they, too, will enjoy Zanzibar Safari Blue Tour. Some Tourists love to just relax on the sandbank and enjoy the solitude of being on a private little island in the middle of the ocean while enjoying Safari Blue Zanzibar.

What will I do and see on Safari Blue?

As said before, the tour includes sailing dhow ahead to a sandbank for relaxation, swimming, and beach walking. You will be served a beautiful lunch: a Swahili seafood barbecue with lobster, grilled calamari, fish of the day, jumbo prawns, fresh mixed vegetable ragout, sesame bread and much more… and don’t forget the fresh (at least 12 types of) tropical fruit! Then we top off with a coffee and Amarula liquor.

Tropical fruits - Safari Blue

Swahili BBQ - Safari Blue

Safe snorkeling is also the main activity for which tourists are taken to the coral reef and the areas which are good and have colorful schools of fishes. The lunch is also served at the Kwale island where you can also explore the mangrove lagoon hidden inside that island.

That is not all, for there is a short tour to the ancient baobab tree which is said to be more than 200 years now! When going back to the Fumba beach by sail as the sun sets down tourists can, again, have the opportunity to swim into the natural swimming pool near the Kwale island. Later on, the tourists can transfer back to the hotels in Stone Town or coastal beach areas after a busy day out on the ocean.

The Menai Bay Conservation Area (which is Zanzibar’s largest marine protected area), to the south of Zanzibar, is an area of outstanding natural beauty just waiting for you to discover. Experience the true magic of Zanzibar since 1996! The original Safari Blue is the very best!

Safari Blue beach


A Safari Blue private charter looks like this from a bird’s eye view (image by Moiz Husein)


This wonderful tour costs $70 per person. Included:

  • Magical day
  • Guided snorkeling
  • Big chance on seeing dolphins
  • Chilling on the sandbank
  • Seafood BBQ + tropical fruits
  • Taste of local Amarula Liqueur with your coffee
  • Drinks and snacks throughout the day

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