Zanzibar Is Still the Top Vacation Spot Even During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You probably planned to have an enjoyable vacation this 2020 for your honeymoon, or just to congratulate yourself after accomplishing something special in your life, maybe it is because you just got some time off work after so long and you wanted to spend it on a vacation in a foreign country. But… right before your plans are accomplished the world suffers severely from a Coronavirus outbreak.

Panic vs spread

The spread of panic outshines the spread of the virus. As a result of fear from the Coronavirus outbreak, countries ban international traveling. The world witnesses border shutdowns, hotel closures, and “Staying home is the best way to protect yourself from getting sick” wins the most famous precaution note from “No Smoking”!

Are your vacation plans still the same up to now? As per your fever of enthusiasm for the vacation, you are likely not to cancel your plans, only to postpone for a while until for example, they would find a Coronavirus vaccine. By looking at the situation right now it seems like the vaccine is yet to be found. What does this all mean to you and your plans?

Don’t hold back on making beautiful memories

Our time as a human being is always limited, tomorrow is not guaranteed. That’s why we should enjoy every day. And how to do that better than on paradise on earth: Zanzibar? The place where it is estimated that nearly half-a-million people travel to every year!  If you have been there, you would agree with me on how awesome the island is, having the most awesome and stunning beaches! The point is that you do not have to cancel nor do you need to postpone your vacation.

It is estimated that nearly half a million people usually travel to Zanzibar each year, If you planned to be one amongst those people this year but want to cancel your trip I’m going to tell you the reason why not to do so.

If you are doubting about where to travel and Champagne Beach, Mirissa Beach, Ibiza or any other famous beaches in the world come to mind, then Zanzibar should be on that same list. There are a number of stunning beaches in Zanzibar which you can think of as your substitute destinations during this Coronavirus outbreak, I can assure you won’t regret your time here.

If you want to be on a white sandy beach lined with beautiful palm trees then Bwejuu Beach is your perfect choice! The island also has the most beautiful beach which made it to the list of top 25 beaches in the World in Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award (2018)! What does this all mean to you? Zanzibar is a place worth a visit.

But what about COVID-19?

When at Zanzibar you do not have to worry about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). When considering the fact that more than 80% of foreign Annual Revenue is obtained from the tourism sector, the Government has made sure that they do everything in their ability to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the tourists visiting Zanzibar, by closely monitoring the WHO statements regarding COVID-19.

Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, the Isle’s Acting Minister has been quoted by the media on how the spread rate of the novel coronavirus goes down every day. The tourists charter flights are permitted to enter the Isles and the necessary measures are being taken in the Airport hence ensuring safety of the tourists.

Is it safe to travel to Zanzibar now?

In case you were wondering if travelling to Zanzibar is safe during this coronavirus outbreak you have to rest assured: the island is extraordinarily safe! Tourism is the predominant source of income in Zanzibar, that being the case, the government here  takes every possible measure to ensure tourists’ safety.


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