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Zanzibar island has plenty to offer. It would be a shame to skip out on awesome experiences simply because you ‘didn’t know’. Therefore, we want you to find all information about the island on one well-organized place. And for you to get in touch with like-minded people who have recently visited, or will visit Zanzibar soon.

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Personalized service

Personalized services We are happy to help you organizing your Zanzibar trip. From local expats to tourist, so that you will have the best recommendations

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Zanzibar Community

Ask your questions, find the answers and meet amazing people with the same love for Zanzibar.

The Best Zanzibar Tours

Nutmeg Spice Tour
Zanzibar Tours

Spice Tours in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is known as Spice Island. A food and culture tour will expose you to the island’s remarkable role in the historic spice trade. Different

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